Comedy Show Toppers

Comedy has been a bestseller with worldwide audiences for decades. Drama may be your pet-hate and reality shows perhaps leave you cold. You can be forgiven for that but not loving comedy is a bit weird, isn't it? But when your mind does not tingle at the prospect of watching a comedy show full of belly laughs, then you need to take your pick, some popcorn and bag the couch or drop into your doctor's office. For what's life without a few laughs? The man who said that laughter cures many ailments got it right. Choosing the most popular TV or radio comedy shows is not easy, more information at

There may be some that you love but don't qualify as an all time best. Even so this is my review of the ten best comedy shows that were really popular with viewers. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Intelligent humor at its best can go no further than Drew Carey. Here the humor is of a different kind but funny nevertheless. How I Met Your Mother is a riveting story where a father relates to his kids the hilarious incidents which ended with his meeting their Mum, learn more here.

The Simpsons give you get humor at its best. And its hero - undoubtedly, Homer gives you punch lines that he shoots to make you double up with laughter. This is a show that's classy and sophisticated with a sprinkling of brilliant wit. On the other hand, The Office is a show about the goings on in the lives of people who work in an office according to this site. Here you get dry humor and the best elements of theatre. Reality show buffs are taken in by the resemblance it has to the real thing. Is there anyone who doesn't love Friends?

No matter what you do or who you are this show will figure in your list. Virtually no one has negative comments to make about fat burners at Lunch time chatter is often about Rachael, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Monica. Arrested Development uses the Bluth family to provide the laughs by being a typical modern family- weird at times. 'Weeds' has a touch of sophisticated fun that has won many followers. Viewers go to any lengths not to miss the high energy comedy show that continues to be popular.' Scrubs' is where you watch doctors and nurses as they go about their business.

The 'asides' that characters speak are as funny as the dialogues. Seinfeld never disappoints with its rib-tickling laughter. This one is an entertainer, while Frasier is all about wry humor married to sparkling performances that lifts the show to a different level altogether. So watch these shows and see if your sense of humor is matched. These comedies are all time favorites and easily rank in random order among the toppers on everyone's charts. It is amazing how a simple gesture and a smart retort can liven up your evenings. All these shows and a myriad of others are known to bank TRP rates that make celluloid investors weak in their knees. It's all about popularity and reaching to the masses that counts.