Comedy Radio Info Online

Comedy radio is the solution to most of our woes on the planet. Who can resist the charm of humor? Even the glummest of humans, would like to lighten their day with a few doses of humor. On TV you get different genres of comedy from the most profound to the farcical. Internet radio provides comic relief fastest. Right from its invention, the radio has been popular with comic artists. At the height of its popularity in the years preceding the arrival of TV comedy shows like Amos and Andy were very popular.

It's just that the format has changed now. Internet radio lends itself better to stand up comic shows rather than the serial comedies. Life is difficult as it is and every man, woman and child needs to take their mind off the daily dose of troubles. That alone explains the popularity of comedy as a global business. The internet radio provides many stations exclusively devoted to comedy. You are surrounded by comedy wherever you go. Internet radio stations rarely beam repeats of shows unlike TV stations that can sometimes get boring.

After all how many times can one watch the same show over and over again? This is where radio stations become an alternate source of entertainment. What is the secret behind this immense popularity of these radio stations? One factor doubtless is that it allows you to follow a program while you are on the move. It frees you from being chained to a television. With a turn of a dial humor comes streaming in. Sometimes you can't help overhearing a joke cracked by couple of friends as they take the metro home.

And when you finally reach home there are comedy shows that help you to release the tensions of the day. Very often the joke everyone is laughing at currently had its origins in a comic show aired by an internet radio station. A smart phone enables you to have your preferred comedy channel delivered into your car radio. So while you are waiting for the green light behind a long line of cars you hear this funny joke that has you grinning from ear to ear. Hasn't your mood lightened and the day becomes less dreary?

Don't forget you pay nothing for this service. Is that part of its popularity? All you need is to turn your computer on and choose your station. Or you can use your smart phone and link the station of your choice to the car radio. In an instant there is free entertainment flowing in. Go ahead and enjoy. These radio stations do not by the very nature of the medium provide a visual form of humor. On the contrary here the humor is provided by witty exchanges and modulations of voice. It can be called a more serious form of humor which appeals to those who look beyond mere slapstick. It's said that while you frown you use more muscles that when you smile. So, go ahead and let your face relax. Great comedy shows stay in our minds forever, and are difficult to replicate.