Comedy Shows: Different Elements Of Comedy

A comedy show aired on TV, or broadcast on a radio always finds takers. The type of comedy preferred may differ in accordance with individuals. You can choose from shows that offer slapstick comedy, standup comedy, parodies, spoofs, or situational comedy. You need to have an open mind to watch mature comedy shows as they may contain adult or diabolic humor that can hurt sentiments. You've got to realize that when a script or story is written for a comedy show it is written to evoke laughs, not offend people. Sitcoms with light humor get a high viewership as the recurring characters, fun quotient, and situations portrayed are what you can relate to. A common factor among different types of comedy is the laughs they evoke. All types of humor aren't meant to humor all audience categories, so, you'll find some to be more favorable.

Everybody watches their favorite comedy show to unwind, relax and have a good time. Comedy shows should be watched everyday because they give us our daily dose of laughter, which benefits us in several ways. By watching comedy show daily you're ensured of a hearty laugh that protects you from cardiovascular diseases, boosts immunity, relaxes muscles, relieves stress, improves mood, eases fear and anxiety, adds zest and joy in life, The social benefits of laughter and humor help in strengthening relationships, group bonding, enhanced teamwork, and diffuse conflict. The feel-good endorphins that are released while you laugh and react to comedy shows provide a relaxed state of being that continues after laughter subsides. Watching a comedy show at any time of the day helps you be positive and optimistic.

Unlike television comedy shows that have a sizable budget to work with, use visuals, dialogue and music, radio comedy slots have a relatively small budget and aim at grabbing the attention of audiences with dialogue and sound effects. Parodies, sketches, and spoofs are popular on radio broadcasts. Scripts on radio shows have to be unique, inventive, reflective and imaginative to hold the attention of the listener. Comedy shows that feature stand up comedians showcase the spontaneity, skill, wit and humor of the individual. Stand up comedians create surreal situations and talk about a variety of topics that leave audiences in splits. Animated sitcoms such as South Park and The Simpsons are exceedingly popular for their clever scripts and idiosyncrasies portrayed through characters.

The different elements attached to numerous forms of comedy exhibited are:

- Wisecracks

- Seriocomedy

- Slapstick Comedy

- Sitcom

- Freudian Slip

- Burlesque Humor

- Diabolic Humor

- Adult Humor

- Dark Humor

- Travesty

- Catch Tale

- Blend Word

- Gallows Humor

- Parody

- Spoof

- Improvisational Comedy

- Satire

- Anecdotes

- Rapid Repartee

- Melodramatic humor

- Recovery Comedy

- Irony Humor

- Banter

- Conundrum

- Sarcastic Humor

- Caricature

- Surreal Humor

There are numerous elements attached to different types of comedy, each having its own identity. Every comedy show has an amicable fun quotient that appeals to different individuals. Several popular comedy shows are available on DVDs in video stores. No matter how you feel, a hilarious comedy show can divert your mind from negative thoughts and change your outlook and perception towards different situations you encounter.