Must Watch Comedy Shows

There are several individuals that lie in their grave annoyed with the fact that they haven't found time for laughter. If you don't want to be one of them make time for laughter while you're alive. There are several comedy shows that are being aired in different parts of the world. Preference of type of comedy differs among individuals, but one thing's for certain; a comedy show relaxes the mind and relieves you of stress and fatigue.

With laughter having numerous benefits it makes perfect sense to dedicate a time daily to watch a comedy show. There are different aspects involved in comedy that make a show popular among viewers. The script, characters, expression of actors along with the lines and dialogues contribute towards that success of a comedy show on television.

Sitcoms are a rage among individuals of different age groups, and have become the image of modern pop culture and television. Situation based comedies with a set of recurring characters, excellent narrative and dialogues are popular with viewers. Though the origin of narratives, jokes and dialogues were popularized through radio, today its comedy shows on television that that garners a huge following. Radio broadcasts of spoofs are even popular today among individual in different parts of the world. Though stand up shows on radio are a rage, individual love to witness them on television as the expressions of stand up comedians is something you miss on radio. Here's a list of comedy shows that will evoke a hearty laugh

- Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Improvisational Comedy)

- South Park (Animated Sitcom)

- Friends

- Sienfeld

- How I Met Your Mother

- Frasier

- Arrested Development

- The Simpsons (Animated Sitcom)

- Everybody Loves Raymond

- Two And A Half Men

- Scrubs

- The Office

- My Name Is Earl

- The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

- Monty Pythons Flying Circus

- I Love Lucy

- Curb Your Enthusiasm

- Big Bang Theory

The above mentioned comedies are only a few of the several popular comedy shows aired on television. Comedy shows are a perfect way to relax and unwind after a tiring days work. By watching comedy shows one can relieve a great deal of tension and stress. Several shows by stand up comedians are aired on television are a rage among individuals. Comedy shows by stand up comedians are hilarious and leave audiences in splits. There are individuals that take offence to certain types of comedy shows that contain adult humor or diabolic humor, if you fall in this category its best you avoid comedy shows meant for mature audiences.

There are some comedy shows that you can watch over and over again. You never get bored of watching a sitcom that contains everyday characters you can relate with. Some comedy shows are so popular that repeat telecasts of every season are televised in different parts of the world. Every comedy show is appreciated by individuals for the characterization of actors, the story, script, and the lines and dialogues written. The popularity of several hilarious sitcoms has led to them being made into movies. Entire seasons of comedy shows are released on DVD. So, make time, pick up your favorite comedies and enjoy watching them.