Popular Comedy Shows

What makes some television shows so popular with viewers? The ones that have enduring attraction for people are those that provide plenty of laughs or where there are plenty of thrills. If you are the kind who is drawn to comedy there is plenty to choose from. Don't worry about not being able to follow these programs if you have not following them from the start. So what happens if you become interested in one of these shows mid-stream? How do you get to know what's gone before you started watching it? After all it's no fun not to know the beginning of a story; how it all started.

The recaps provide a synopsis of what has gone before. To understand the preference for comedy programs it helps to take a preview of some of the very popular ones. The situations are funny but the humor does not depend on that alone. The dialogues are full of sparkling wit. The Office has a show-core around the lives of those who work in an office. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employs a group of ordinary people and their lives and interactions provide the framework of this comedy. The dramatic tension that arises when these characters interact with each other provides the interest in this comic show.

There is wry humor and the resemblance this comic show bears to a reality show is another of its attractions. 'Friends' is probably the most watched comedy show. Once you watch this you are addicted and never want to miss a single episode. The relationships that the five characters are in and their interactions with the outside world form the framework of this program. Very soon you choose your favorite character from among Chandler, Rachael, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Ross. This comedy show shows us the real world of young people all over the world.

And what's more their affairs make you laugh. Seinfeld occupies an important position in the history of American television as one of the series than lasted for a very long period. The story revolves around the lives of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends who live and work in New York. The humor is easy and most find the episodes very funny. Frasier has dark comedy at its best. Most of this show's fan will go to any lengths not to miss even a single episode. The story revolves around Frasier Crane a psychiatrist, his father and his brother with whom he has a smoldering sibling rivalry since he too is a psychiatrist.

This show is addictive, be warned. Arrested Development is an immensely popular American comedy show. The story revolves around a family that can barely get along with each other and are bizarre and odd in their thought and dealings. This is family drama with a twist. All of these TV shows provide a synopsis or a recap of the earlier episodes. Once you watch those couple of times (you can easily rent these dvds on the internet) you get a good idea of how the story began. Here there are all the essential ingredients of drama and twists with riots thrown in.