The 3 Most Important Jobs on Set

There are a surprising number of people who work on a film set. All of the jobs are important but the question does have to be asked of just which are the most important. While we often hear things like the guys who cook the food or clean up the garbage are the most important people on the set the reality is that the most important people are the ones holding the most high profile jobs. There is after all a reason that they have such a high profile.

  1. Actor: It will probably come as no surprise to learn that the most important people on the set are the actors. They are by far the most high profile people in the film industry and in reality there is no movie without them. The top actors in Hollywood earn millions of dollars for each movie that they do for the specific reason that people will come out to see movies just because they are in it. A good actor can make a movie and more importantly if a movie has bad actors it will be very obvious and the results will not be good. One of the biggest players in Los Angeles Marc Shmuger is a producer and he points out that he spends more time finding the right actors than doing anything else when he is making a movie.
  2. Director: The director is the one who determines how the movie will ultimately turn out, he is the one who is largely running the show. There are some people who will argue that the director is even more important than the actors although this is up to debate. Ultimately the director is responsible for everything that goes into the movie; usually this also means hiring the actors so this is clearly a very important role on the set. According to Marc Shmuger the first person he hires when making a movie is almost always the director. This is done because any good directors is going to want to have control over all of the other decisions that have to be made so they want to be part of the process from the beginning.
  3. Cinematographer: The job of a cinematographer is to get everything on film. Given that this is the whole point of making a movie it should be obvious that this is an important job. It is basically the job of the cinematographer to work with the director to make sure that the movie looks good. This requires not only an excellent understanding of the technology that is used in the film industry but also a certain amount of artistic talent. It is normally the director's job to hire the cinematographer and any good director knows how important it is to hire somebody who is very good at their job.